Real Estate in Sacramento
Maryah Pimentel

Real Estate in Sacramento
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BRRRR- How to Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance and Repeat your way to Building Wealth

Real Estate Round Table

The BRRRR process is a topic that is frequently discussed in the real estate investing community but not well understood. Join us as David Greene breaks down the process and explains why it is the most efficient, prudent, and easy to replicate...

Monday Night Co-Ed Volleyball

Adult Indoor Volleyball

Please join us on Monday nights for a good time. We are looking for new players to join us enjoying each other and playing some volleyball. We average 18 to 21 each week. No age limit but you must possess the basic skill level passing, setting...

Studio Ghibli Fest: Pom Poko l SUBTITLED

Sacramento Japanese Meetup

• What we'll doThis movie looks like a fun delight!Let's Meetup to see classics from Studio Ghibli and make new friends while challenging our existing Japanese language knowledge! Please be prepared to speak a little Japanese before or after...

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